Day 1

Well the first day of my blog. I’l explain to you a bit about myself and this blog. This blog is a way to convey some of the keypoints of my graduation assignment. This assignment is simultaneously worked out together with my internship that I do at DELITELABS. ┬áDELITELABS is a non-profit that helps people, now mostly refugees and the local unemployed youth.

The NGO has been set up by Christof Hawle. We help ours participants by providing them with a course on entrepreneurship. In this course they learn a large variety of skills and facts. They learn this in a intensive, cooperative and safe environment. Learning from our own professionals and a large network of entrepreneurial spirits and experts that exchange their experiences and learnings with the participants of the course.

My start

The start has been made. The first group of participants is in its fourth week and already got their first pitch evening. It had been an awesome experience, for the participants but also for the team of volunteers. With so much collaboration and organising the bonding within the group and the team members is getting very thick. It stimulates the workflow that the participants and the team members need.

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