A small overview on the last two months

The Plan of Attack has been filed in, so this will be my first post after finishing the plan. Time to let you know what I’ve been doing these last couple of weeks. During this period it has become very clear that maintaining efficiency in a company, any organisation, is one of the most difficult things to do.

A mayor learning

Another mayor learning is that, when you have a fairly new company the rules can be more easily bent. Things just need to get done, no matter the resources that are maybe missing. This way we were amazed by the things that can get done without money. Every piece of furniture that has been collected in our building, which is over one hundred chairs, fifty desks, more than 30 whiteboards and over 20 laptops, are arranged for free, I repeat: for free!!

Research on Crowdfunding and contact with a moviemaker

Today there has been conducted a lot of research on crowdfunding, I’ve read a couple of interesting articles on the necessities of a good crowdfunding campaign. There has been contact with a few people who can be of a lot of assistance to my research as well as the implementation of the crowdfunding campaign. In the last month three different film schools in Amsterdam have been contacted, which one of them was kind enough to help out, SAE. Read about it in my other articles where I write about the first meeting with two teachers of SAE.

To do a crowdfunding campaign there is a lot needed. And when I say a lot, it is actually a shitload. Therefor we want to divide the tasks at hand and do it of course as cheap as can be. From the literature, but also a couple of interesting speakers there is a framework being put down how to do a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The first findings on useful information on how to implement tools and methods for a successful crowdfunding campaign will be shared with the next post.


Working in a startup is actually never dull. You never are going to know how the day is going to turn out or what will happen next. When you work in a startup you have to be fast on your toes, a skill I have yet to learn, but I’m working on it.

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