Talk with SAE student

Today was a pretty interesting day. I had had already contact with two students from SAE to negotiate a proposal to make a video. One of them took it really serious and wrote me that she would love to make a movie with us. She had to look f she had enough time that she could spend on it, together with her work for studies she explained she was pretty swamped. So what we would proposed to her on this day was that she could collaborate with her teachers if she could combine an assignment that she had to do for her studies with helping us out with a movie.

So the collaboration was with SAE student, Neddy. We are now negotiating what will be the best way of pursuing the video for the crowdfunding campaign and if we need maybe more than one movie on it. And what kind of movie it has to be. It has to be a movie with a very strong CTA (Call to action). That is for sure. We want to persuade people to actually buy our movie and go with it. Spend money, share our video and our story.

To be more specifically on the crowdfunding part of the video. We need to ask questions like: “What perks we can use?”, “Who is going to talk in the movie and in what manner?”, “What is the overall tone of the movie?”, “What is our mission as a company?”.

I learned a great deal on what a moviemaker or person needs before a meeting. If I had send agenda points, an overview of our company and a small summary on what was already done with photo’s, storytelling and movies we could work way faster on what should actually need to get done instead of the first half of the conversation explaining this.


When creating a movie with other people that are involved you have to be very specific and thorough in your planning and necessities. Before the meeting you should have already sent a list with requirements and necessities that you want in the movie. Preferably, when you are already in the middle of these things you could even think of ways to write out your storyboard or script. This so you can collaborate with the movie makers what is the best way to go. So actually three words: Preparation, preparation and more preparation.

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