An overview of Hootsuite

During the crowdfunding campaign we are going to use social media to spread our message and a call to action (which is awareness and money). To manage our social media there are a couple of platforms that are very helpful in achieving these goals. One of the more interesting ones is called Hootsuite. Here you see the startpage when you login to Hootsuite, looks very much like the interface of WordPress doesn’t it? For this post I used a couple of Youtube videos to get the hang of it. For example this one to get a quick overview of Hootsuite. Here we go!

Hootsuite interface

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.48.37

Hootsuite is free to use if you only want to use three social media. For pro, which we can have for free for 30 days, which is a interesting possibility when we actually launch the campaign. The social media We chose to use are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. There are different things you can actually use Hootsuite for. In this article we are going over a few functions of Hootsuite.

  • Streams
  • Publisher
  • Analytics
  • Campaigns


With the stream tab open you can have a look at what the activity is different social media. You can have an overview of what people say about your, what they post about DL, how many likes you get, etc. This can be very helpful because in this sense you can see on what posts they respond more and what they don’t respond to. You can add also many different apps for free. Here you can also use the Mailchimp app, which also lets you check the analytics, how many people open a mail for example.


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.09.20

One of the most interesting features of Hootsuite is that it has the ability to create and schedule messages down to the minute for every social media that you wish to use. When you get to know your target group better and better every time you know more and more on what they want from you, when they are online and what subjects they like to hear from. This you can do by looking at the analytics and the streams you can turn on in the stream menu. What is also a nice feature is that Hootsuite can be dynamically used when you are on another site and you want to post or schedule the video or article your are reading. In the same way you can also use automatic scheduling. Here you can put in a certain time of day where your messages will be posted automatically. The only thing you still have to check is if the messages are in a good order before they get send.


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.09.31

The analytics of Hootsuite is for the free version not very helpful if I had to be honest. It has very basic functionalities on how to look at data. The amount of likes you generate on Facebook and twitter for example. This gives you a good overview on which days you had more followers or likes than another day. You can check back if you have certain post at those dates which you can link on the successfulness of your posts. But if your really want some tangible data to back up the effectiveness of your posts I think you have to go directly to the social media your are using, like Facebook Insights. Check out the post I wrote about Facebook Insights.


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.09.57

You can also make your own campaigns with Hootsuite. You can use different social media to do this For example use Instagram to make a photo contest. With contests like these you can attract new people as well as make the subscribers more involved with your brand, organisation or initiative. But you can also use giveaways to get mail addresses or other information from people.


Flipboard is a site which can also be very beneficial if you use it in combination with Hootsuite. Flipboard is a site that is the new newsletter. You can select different themes and topics on which you want information from. This information can be very interesting for your crowd and in this way can easily be found and easily be distributed through Hootsuite.


Hootsuite is a great tool to see what your crowd is up to, do research on hashtags, to know if there are any trends that you can use for your benefit and to create and schedule posts for your social media any social media that you want, although with the free version you can only link three different social media no more.

The downside for Hootsuite free version is that you can’t can’t get a very good overview of the analytics of your social media output. You really have to use the social media directly to really learn for example what your target group is, at what times they visit your site(s), what they like and what messages work best with them. See here the post I did on Facebook Insights.

Thank you for reading this, hope you learned something!

– Bas

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