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Neddy is a student on the SAE, also mentioned in this post. The School of Audio Engineering, is where she has her classes. A couple of schools near Amsterdam have been contacted by me to check if there was any case of a cooperation between us and them. Schools like the Netherlands Film Academy and Amsterdam Film School had been contacted, but without many success, although I have done a 3 hour course with the latter one on storytelling. SAE had another policy where students had a very strict schedule but were left very free and even encouraged when they could work for a company.

Our SAE student

This was the same with Neddy. With a couple of meetings we brainstormed on what should be done with the movie and if it could be combined with one of her school projects. And indeed in the coming weeks she will do a documentary course where DELITELABS will be the subject of the documentary.

Over the course of the last couple of meetings with Neddy we discussed what she needed from us. The telephone numbers of a couple of our participants that we think are potential people who would look great in front of the camera. She needed a location. And what I later realised, when my supervisor Christof had spoken to her, that one of the things we could give her most was her creative freedom. Further SAE could provide her with every piece of camera equipment she wanted. So luckily we didn’t have to hire this, which would cost a small fortune. In cases like this I see that it can be very beneficial to work at a NGO instead of a normal company.


We also had a brainstorm session on what to do with the movie. She was very impressed by Christof’s presence, which can be pretty inspiring and when he speaks its clear he knows what he’s talking about. This is why she probably will put Christof in the documentary she will create. We also spoke on the movie and although we granted her freedom, there were a couple of things we discussed prior to the course on documentary that starts very soon. We need a movie that gives a good image to our NGO and why we do what we do. Our why should be very clear in that sense. Also, since we are going to have a crowdfunding campaign, this movie should also provide the viewers with a very strong incentive to support us (in the best way financially). This is one of the main goals we have for the movie. That people want to join our cause. This is the other goal of our campaign. We want to create a lot more awareness than we have now. I believe we are too good of an initiative to be ignored. And investors and new potential students should know about our existence.


I’ve learned that working with a team can be very difficult to organise. Especially in periods of vacation and especially on collaborating between two parties. It takes a lot of back and forth and from time to time faults in communication will rise up. Therefor Neddy, I and Christof decided that Christof, who is the last decision maker in this cycle, be directly connected to Neddy, who will be the creative director and creator of the documentary. I will be assisting the making of the documentary and occasionally be a brainstorm partner of both parties.

It is great to work with creative people like Neddy and Christof. Thank you all!

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