An introduction meeting with UT

Just before summer break we had a meeting with a three of associates of the University of Twente, Jaap van Tilburg, Juan Manuel Jauregui Becker and Rob Geerts. When I asked I was allowed at this meeting. One of my first official meetings I had every had the honor of being part of, which was very interesting and to be honest a little overwhelming for me, but nevertheless I was very happy that I could be a part of it.

During this meeting we have discussed what the opportunities are of collaboration between the UT and Delitelabs. The University is profiling herself as the “entrepreneurial University”. Two large projects they have helped build up are for example Venturelab and PC3 (Product Co-Creation Centre), but more on that later.

The Three Gentlemen

Jaap Tilburg was one of the professors. He is now a entrepreneur in consulting and innovation for the last 15 years. He is the CEO of a company that is called Van Tilburg innovation BV and Program manager at Venturelab.

A little about Venturelab:

“VentureLab East offers business development support for technology-based start-up businesses and is a business growth accelerator for well-established companies. Our one-year business development programme jump-starts and provides sustainable growth for young businesses, as well as long-standing companies, which aim to grow further and more rapidly. We are located in Enschede, in the Netherlands.” –


Juan Jaregui Becker studied in Venezuela and does research in Product Development and Design. He has done a TEDx talk with the title “the power of product development for social change”. He is one of the professors that we still have contact with and are actually planning an event from 10 till 15 October. To see the preparations of this event or the review of the event that will be coming up just click on the provided links.


The third professor that joined us was Rob Geerts. He has studied at the University of Windesheim in Zwolle. Has been teacher in Logistics & Economics and Retail has been a product manager at Superior Electronics.

The meeting

With these gentlemen we have discussed a couple of possibilities of a collaboration between the University of Twente and Delitelabs. Both parties first laid down detailed information about their own projects and their outcomes of this meeting. Delitelabs started for example in Valencia and had their first two courses their. Especially because the unemployment rate in Spain is very low. At the time of the courses in Valencia the rate of unemployment in the target group youth (15 to 25 years old) was more than 50%. Christof did also a course at the organisation THNK, with whom we are still collaboratively working. They are one of the network advisory boards of DL. Just as Wework, which is a co-working space. During the first two courses they provided a free space for the winners of the pitch events that were organised at the end of the course. Another organisation that really helped us out was the organisation ID&T which provided us with a free office and working place for about a half a year at the industrial area at Sloterdijk station.

We already talked a bit about the initiatives that the University of Twente is cooperating with. Venturelab and PC3 are two of them, KEB (Kansrijk Eigen Baas) is another. The common factor in all these initiatives are that they have been set up to stimulate and offer guidance to young starting entrepreneurs.

So if you read carefully the collaboration between DL and the UT, especially in regard of these initiatives, is ideal. We have the same vision, or at least outcome. We want to help people to develop and stimulate their entrepreneurial skills. We both think that these skills are very valuable and are actually the skills that we now see that can help people to help themselves. You see this everywhere in the world and this is what we want to stimulate.

At the end of the meeting we agreed to have a followup meeting where we will discuss possibilities regarding tangible activities, probably in the form of an event. Luckily this really happened. You can read about the arrangement.Really looking forward to it. It will be a prototyping event where our students will be guided in the process by students of the UT. One week of creating new ideas, forms and business models that will be revised and sharpened. Read about it here!


So excited that we are going to probably have an collaboration with the University of Twente! Hopefully we will soon hear what we can maybe co-create.




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