Top 10 succesful Crowdfunding movies on Kickstarter

There are many things that are effecting the likelihood of a successful CFcampaign. In the beginning of my research I tried to get the overview of things that needed to be done to acquire this goal. some of the things for example that you have to acquire a large crowd, a team with specific tasks assigned to each member, a large contact list of people, companies, bloggers, journalists and other acquaintances to promote and spread the name of our NGO. And that entails not even half of it.

To acquire this overview of how to manage a successful crowdfunding campaign I’ve looked into overall marketing by reading a couple of books, specific workshops like crowdfunding and storytelling, met with professionals, used manuals on content creation, Youtube videos and books. Read it about it in the provided links.

This article will be about the crowdfunding campaign’s video. This is one of a couple of articles on learning on how to shoot a good CF video.

The way I’ve did this is by first selecting the 10 best crowdfunding campaigns on the platform Kickstarter. And then writing a analysis on the videos selected. Below you’ll find the videos I did an analysis on. In the analysis I look at a couple of features. The target amount, the percentage of the target amount acquired, the amount of pledgers, the average of the pledged amount, three key features of the video, the perks, the duration of the campaign, the duration of the crowdfunding movie and with some movies the order of the scenes.

#1 The Soloscope Automatic Watch by Xeric


Target amount: $50.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 1358,62%($679,310)
Amount of pledgers: 1623
Average amount of pledge: $418
Key features of movie:
They show the watch very close up. Letting the beauty of the design show through. The makers of the watch really SHOW that they have their credentials straight. They say that they are already a long time in the business and are lovers of originality. They SHOW this again by displaying a large variety of watches that they have taken. The way they “play” the customer is to say that this design is for people who want to stand out.
Duration of the campaign: 40 days
Duration of the movie: 2:06

#2 Tom Bancroft


Target amount: $13.500
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 263.44%
Amount of pledgers: 498
Average amount of pledge: $71
Key features: This CF campaign is for a colour book that Tom Bancroft wants to publish. It’s a pretty interesting campaign especially when you look on how the structure of the video is set up. He tells his story in a very structured way. 1. He tells first on where he wants to go. 2. He tells the audience that he has made big steps toward his goal 3. He can back them up way more than he has to which makes his video even more compelling. 4. Even though he has shown you he has worked his ass of and showed his passion to you in a very detailed manner the tone of the video is as light as air and makes it very nice to look at. 5. He makes connection with what everyone can do.
Duration of the campaign: 30 days
Duration of the movie: 3:50

#3 Awaken the Legendary Soap Bubble Bokeh: Trioplan f2.9/50


Target amount: $50.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 1367,60%
Amount of pledgers: 1028
Average amount of pledge: $665
Key features:
This video mostly plays with beauty and nostalgia. With beautiful pictures, because it is a camera lens, and the story of a extinct piece of brilliant equipment they persuaded the donator to back up their product. They also go into the rich history of the company and the 100th birthday of it. And lost but not least the famous words in crowdfunding world: “With your help we can accomplish our mission.” How effective apparently.
Duration of the campaign: 35 days
Duration of the movie: 3:41

#4 The golden ratio book


Target amount: $27.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 1790.66%
Amount of pledgers: 8297
Average amount of pledge: $58
Key features:

Again a very personal story about a man, Rafael Aranjo that falls in love with the logic of nature, aka the golden ratio. He also works in a natural way. Not with digital designing programs, but everything stil with pen and paper. He describes this in very delicate words:”the secrets of natures beautiful designs unfolded before my eyes. phi, the golden ratio, is equal to 1.618 and is found everywhere in the realm of nature.” This structure of it being so personal you see throughout the video, mostly by talking about himself (I am) :

  • I am Rafael Aranjo
  • I am an Architect and Illustrator
  • I have been drawing for 40 years
  • I was fifteen when I started to notice the intelligent patterns in the work of nature.

Duration of the campaign: 37 days
Duration of the movie: 3:17

#5 Descants & Cadences  – Stephanie Law


Target amount: $26.400
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 442.48%
Amount of pledgers: 998 backers
Average amount of pledge: $117
Key features:
She starts out with a quick explanation of what a decant and cadence is: “A descant is a improvised musical counterpoint that is placed above a basic melody. Cadence is the rhythmic flow of wards of music, words or less literally of time and experience of the world.” She tells about her art as a mingling of these two concepts. She does this visually by showing her art, which is beautifully astonishing. The beauty that she wants to sell is what she is showing, a combination of her art and delicate piano music.

Dialogue: “I think of art as an overlay for reality. It is a way of perceiving beyond what your eyes see. Beyond and into these unnoticed places between. Or in the places that are completely forgotten.”

Duration of the campaign: 29 days
Duration of the movie: 4:09

#6 Trinus – the affordable all-metal 3d-printer


Target amount: $50.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 3242.04%
Amount of pledgers: 3,147 backers
Average amount of pledge: $515
Key features:
This video explains the story of the professional and the person behind the product. He lives and breaths it and he is the commentator of the Trinus. Afterwords he explains the features of the product and why it stands out from the rest. The video has been shot very professionally and humourously. “If people should ask me if I rather have the perfect girlfriend or the perfect 3d-printer, I choose the perfect 3d-printer.” The campaign uses timelaps to show the workings of the machine. The overall impression of the movie is very light, humours and simple. Anyone should be able to follow. On top of this the video is all about show, show, SHOW.
Duration of the campaign: 31 days
Duration of the movie: 3:12

#7 Brixo Building Blocks

Brixo Building Blocks

Target amount: $50.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 1433,58%
Amount of pledgers: 6.171 backers
Average amount of pledge: $116
Key features:
One sentence to explain the product: “It’s an awesome version of building blocks that makes your designs come to live with electricity, sensors and bluetooth.” After this explanation they begin to show various designs made by the buildingblocks, which are awesome, beautiful and surprising examples. Humour is overdone, till it’s fun. “It will change your life… Or just make you happy.”
Duration of the campaign: 51 days
Duration of the movie: 2:17

#8 Trap Tap

Trap Tap

Target amount: $85.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 439.44%
Amount of pledgers: 2697 backers
Average amount of pledge: $138
Key features:
Presenter has an identity to the product. He keeps it supersimple. He explains the problem very plainly: “people believe they’re important and we spend 8billion dollar on speeding tickets only in North America” He has a sollution to that problem. KISS = Keep it Super Simple/Keep It Simple & Sexy
This is goes for the video, but also for the product itself.
Duration of the campaign: 60 days
Duration of the movie: 3:48

#9 Aerospace Grade Spheres: Titanium + Oligodynamic Copper


Target amount: $5.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount:10059.96%
Amount of pledgers: 3057 backers
Average amount of pledge: $164
Key features:
It’s almost disturbing how crazy simple this video is. What you see is what you get. Without any other explanation than that you get a very round ball of almost 100% copper there is none. This is the nr. 1 CF-campaign when you look at the percentage of the target amount that they needed and what they actually got. They got 100 times more than what they asked for. Almost lost faith in humanity when I saw this one. But it also gives a lesson. Make it as simple as you can.
Duration of the campaign: 30 days
Duration of the movie: 0:57

#10 ADV3NTURE HOODIE with 23 Pockets and Features!


Target amount: $25.000
Reached goal in percentage of target amount: 3075.952%
Amount of pledgers: 5.900 backers
Average amount of pledge: $130
Key features:
Interestingly that this crowdfunding campaign is still running and is well over their target amount ($25.000, but pledged already $768,988). This hoodie has a multitude of features that makes it very easy to store your gadgets and other things. You can also fold it to use it as a cushion, it has a zipper that also functions as a bottle opener and some other interesting things. I perceive the video almost as a how to video, which makes it also very persuasive to buy it. It mostly conveys the message of utility, in other words, you can aways use it.
Duration of the campaign: 34 days (7 sept – 11 oct, still running)
Duration of the movie: 2:50

Conclusions to these videos

Target Amount & Pledges

A couple of things that are very interesting about these videos. Most of them have a target amount between the $5.000 and the $50.000, with one exception the TrapTap, which had 85.000. The general amount people pledged in the campaigns is around $130, with exceptions of the Xeric watch ($418), The Trioplan camera lens ($665) and the Trinus 3d-printer ($515). The rest had pledges stretching from $58 till $164. These 7 campaigns have an average of $113 pledged. The average of the campaigns comes down to $239.


I wanted to find some sort of correlation the amount of backers and one of the other characteristics I measured, but it seemed that there wasn’t one to be found. Yet, there are big differences between the different campaigns when it comes to amount of backers.The amount is stretching from 498 backers for Tom Boncraft’s cartoon book and the staggering 8297 for the Golden Ratio Book. Which are for example both about a drawing book, but different genres and backgrounds. The average amount of backers is 3341.

Content of the video

The main thing that really is evident after researching this is the simplicity of the videos. You know at the end of every movie what you are going to get, what the product is and why you should trust in the producer of the product (due to the large amounts of credentials that they SHOW). I think that the two main reasons of persuasion in these campaigns are Beauty and utility. Beauty in the campaigns: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9. Utility in the campaigns: 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

Another characteristic that was noteworthy about the larger majority of the videos (8 out of 10) was the the lightness or amusement factor that they all had. It was enjoyable to look at these videos. Some of them humorous or very beautiful. None of them were serious. This is a big hint for us, because we now may assume that the best approach would be to make a light and amusing video to watch. With our main subject being refugees we could have done it in a more serious matter, but now it looks like a lighter tone in a video would be the better approach.

Duration of the campaign and video

The duration of the campaign is stretching from 29 till 60 days, with an average of 38 days, but most campaigns are around 32 days. The duration of the videos stretch from 57 seconds to 4 minutes and 9 seconds. The average video is around the 3 minutes.


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