Am I qualified to assess these people?

Another thing that was necessary for our course were the job interviews for the new participants. I could actually do a couple of the interviews for the second course. At the time we were more or less with the three of us, Michaela, Christof and me. Although I think I can fairly say that the work involved was much more than two fulltimers and an intern, but on the other hand I really liked this because this meant that I could do a whole variety of different things at the office.

This also meant that due to the abundance of tasks I could do I had so much to choose that I oftentimes choose too much and ended up rushing to finish it. The biggest learning from this internship for me was that I need to get focus to be really productive. Or better said, really have an overview for myself to stick to. But that’s that’s for another time, probably the reflection and recommendations.


English and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Now, I got the opportunity to do a couple of ‘job interviews’ for the participants of the new course, the second course in Amsterdam. Basically there were two factors I had to take into account: the quality of their English and how big their entrepreneurial desire was. I tried to do that by having a checklist on what I wanted to ask. I was asked to question the potential participants about their background, who they were, what they wanted out of the course and assess during the interview what the quality of their English speech was.

Transportation Costs

But also the cost of the transportation was a big point. We had gotten money from the municipality of Amsterdam to support our students with transportation money. Many participants had to drive the train for 1 hour or more in just a single ride. One student had to come all the way from Hoogeveen and had to drive 5 hours a day, just to attend our course.


It was as well a privilege as a burden to do this task. I had to choose which people were “good enough” to be on the course and which weren’t. This was not only hard because I had never done this before, but also because you had to choose people. In other words tell that some of them are just not qualified in our opinion to be an entrepreneur. To let people down like that is really hard.

I noticed the same thing during the talks I had. It was the strange feeling I got when I know a person was not qualified for the job, but it was just the beginning of the conversation. What I could’ve done is pointing it out and quit the conversation, but something hold me back and let them finish the conversation in total. Trying to fish for something that pointed me in the other direction in stead of putting a line through their name, but then again an interesting experience to sit once on the other side of the table.


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