First networking with a SAE

We needed a professional or at least a semi professional film maker to create a movie for our crowdfunding campaign. Already very early on I tried to contact people that were willing to help with this venture. A couple of filmschools were contacted over mail and over the phone, but it wasn’t until I reached out to SAE that I finally found someone that might help us with finding what we needed.


A meeting at SAE

I had contact with Eduardo and José, both teachers at the school. It wasn’t short after that I went there for a visit. SAE was actually very close to Amsterdam Central station so it was easy to reach. I met with Eduardo and he showed me around. A very nice location. He told me that they pushed their students even to look for projects outside of the school building to practice on. We talked a bit about the equipment they used and I was pretty jealous, they got all the new gadgets and tools to shoot in the highest resolution and record the best quality of audio.

After a while I showed him a couple of movies as an example of what we wanted out of the crowdfunding video. He seemed not impressed and he said his students could deliver.

We agreed that I would write a mail to him and his colleague, José. Within this mail I should provide the days that we wanted to shoot, the timeline and deadlines of our movie, what we were going to shoot and a synopsis of 4 to 5 sentences. This to provide the students with enough data to estimate if they had time and find it interesting enough to work with us.

Happily I could return to DELITELABS and tell the good news.


Push hard enough on one side and you bet that there will be something that will pop out of the other side. In other words persistence will prevail. I had to really push and reach out to as much schools as I could to provide us with people that wanted to help out. After providing José and Eduardo with the mail within a couple of days I had two students that were willing to help out. Not long after that we set up a meeting with one of the students. Read about these negotiations here and here.

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