Within this text I will lay down all the reflections I have for myself. What I think went well during my internship at DELITELABS and which things I can improve on. First I want to say that my time at DELITELABS was just amazing. I met so many special and inspiring people, learned so much and enjoyed myself meeting a whole variety of different cultures. I can’t even begin to describe the fulfilment I have felt during each pitch event I helped organise. I felt so proud of every single student I saw on that stage and see how they explained their projects, oftentimes with such inspiration that I occasionally shed a tear during these events. Some of them I still see as friends.

So now, without further ado. I will reflect on this amazing journey I have taken with DELITELABS.

In this reflection I will have a number of subjects I would like to discuss with you:

  • Working in a startup
  • Step up!
  • writing a blog, shouldn’t you post more regularly?

Working at a Startup

Time management

So, one of the first things I will touch upon is time management. Time management is essential. During my internship I had constantly the feeling that I was thrown in the deep.Mostly because I had no estimate on the amount of time it would take for the job to get done. And when you don’t have a good estimate on the time you spend on a task it gets really tricky to schedule or plan a strategically structured plan, like I had to do with the combination of writing this blog, run a crowdfunding campaign and doing all the border activities at DELITELABS.

Structures and systems

So there’s definitely much to learn in that area, but I’ve seen also already a lot of progress. Since I’ve been seeing the problems of unclearity at DELITELABS I’ve tried to implement a couple of systematical interventions in my activities. For example I had a mailbox which was completely unorganised. No labels, no folders and an inbox with 1800 messages of which a couple of hundred unread. In the last period of my stay at DELITELABS I’ve decreased this number to 0 and everything well organised in folders and labels.

Another examples are all my notes (At the moment I own ten notebooks filled with summaries on articles and events, lectures and workshops) that are well organised and provided with catalogue on the front jacket to find the information that I want in a heartbeat. This actually already provided me with such advantages. Everything, or at least most of the interesting things that happened in the period at DELITELABS, I have documented. The stupid thing of me was that I didn’t put the notes immediately into blog posts. On the other hand, otherwise I hadn’t learn the real value of well organised documentation.

Maybe a bit personal, but when I was a couple of weeks into DELITELABS I’ve actually done the same thing with my finances. Since approximately a half year I keep real close track on my financial situation and this has been such a help. I owe this also for the larger part to a book I read that is actually written by one of the leading figures when it comes to content marketing, Ramit Sethi.

Step Up!

I’m also very grateful that I was surrounded by interesting people at DELITELABS that really pushed me forward and let me learn and even fall on my ass sometimes. I remember a very nice evening where we had a late meeting. After the meeting we had a kind of photo shoot. We needed pictures for the blog from ourselves, so after the meeting with monkeyed about and took the pictures. The new communications team was just 2 weeks working with each other and had gotten to know each other a little better. Violeta was the newest member of our team. In Valencia she had worked already a couple of years at an incubator. Therefor she had experience in the startup scene as a communications expert and lecturer in presenting and pitching. I was wondering if she could give me some pointers for me to work on. She told me that she thought that I was being too careful. I should take more ownership of the activities you do and have better focus on those in stead of trying to do everything at the same time. In other words say no more often and be careful on which things I could lose my focus on.

For these last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to do just that and my work improved, was more proactive and got some compliments on my behavior. This cool twist was very nice to see and I will implement this more in the future. Focus and ownership of your work.

Writing a blog, shouldn’t you post more regularly?

One of the most regretful things of my internship was the delay I had with my writing. It would have been so much easier if I had just written one or two articles every week. Now it was total chaos at the end. I had everything I wanted to write, but on paper in stead of digitally. Just plainly, stupid. This I could have prevented so easily. Like John Rohn said: “Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do”.

But the choice of writing the blog I will never regret. I’ve said this a lot within this blog, but I really have to say it again. I’ve learned so much from writing this blog. One thing in particular and that is that I want to keep doing it after I’m done at DELITELABS. I’ve really enjoyed analysing a subject and try to convey the learnings through a blog. I’m planning to go to Spain after my time at DELITELABS and I will continue with writing about the subjects I really care about or find interesting enough to write about. For example, there are still so many people I would want to write an article about or/and want to interview. This is one of the things I want to be busy with in the future.

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