Delitelabs the last course

It’s strange after such a long time of working at DELITELABS that I didn’t tell about one of the biggest parts of being at DELITELABS. The interaction and the bonding with the students. Three times I had the privilege to work with a group of people. Almost all of them refugees and most of them from Syria. I never met anyone before my time at DELITELABS that was actually from Syria, but now I was surrounded by them everyday. I have to say we dutch might learn a thing or two in hospitality from these people. Every course I bonded with them more. Each course I became a little bit more attracted to these people. Until finally the last course it felt like one big family.

A couple of pictures

I think especially the new location we went to combined with a lot more activities we did together lead to this kind of bonding. From strangers to friends or even family was very special for me. To show you who they are here is a picture.


I come to love these people. Our time together at UT Prototyping week was just amazing and the way we finished our course last Wednesday was just unbelievable. This Wednesday they had “graduated” from DELITELABS. They had delivered their pitch to a large crowd, got feedback and a round of applause from the board of entrepreneurs that judged them after. Here is for example during the preparations for the pitch evening on the UT. The one who is looking is Adel, one of our students.


In the following picture you see me working with Violeta, our communications supervisor, and Maddi, one of our students that on the last pitch event got promoted to be our new coordinator.



Working with all of these people was such a beautiful and magical adventure. If they have a place for me in the future I would love to work with them once more. Every time there are new opportunities and new people to meet and help. I’m so grateful to say that I’ve made many friends in this period of my life and learned a great deal from them and myself as well.


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