I’ve done my graduation assignment at a company called DELITELABS, an NGO stationed in Amsterdam. Through a friend I got the connection to this interesting organisation.The person I had on the phone was Christof Hawle, which is the founder of the venture. Not long after that I had it all set up and I could start my internship and graduation assignment.

The mission

DELITELABS has one mission and that is helping people in need, in this case two groups: the unemployed local youth and recent migrants. Our organisation helps these people by giving them an intense 5 weeks course on entrepreneurship. So after 5 weeks they have had the experience of being an entrepreneur and started their own projects. After that they have had a taste on what that’s like and can decide if they want to go through with it.  The first couple of weeks and event months we’re really to check out the new environment and feel and learn how it went. So every 5 weeks you have different people to work with and to help build their own ventures.

Getting things done

In the 7 months I worked at DELITELABS I learned a lot. A lot about what it means to startup a company from scratch. With no budget, but with long hours and strong effort building something that is really meaningful. “Getting things done” is one of the motto’s that really resonates with DELITELABS. The same motto you hear in the workshops that we give our students. DELITELABS may be a school but students in this school are mostly learning by doing and experimenting rather than passively sit and listen what the teacher has to say.

My job description

People have asked me often what my job was at DELITELABS. Till this day I couldn’t really tell you one answer. I have several. We needed to move several times and fix cheap or free furniture for our new place. I was one of the main contacts for students if they had questions about translation, transport issues, helping to brainstorm with one of their projects or giving them feedback on a pitch or concept. I helped arranging a few events like 5 pitch evenings, a final party and the prototyping week at the University of Twente. I worked and research during the first couple of months but the choirs I did at DELITELABS, although I liked most of them, had nothing really to do with my studies. For example making movies and photos was part of these first few months. This changed when Violeta came in the team and we set up a whole new way of communicating to the outside world. I really dug this. Communication in this sense really has become likeable to me and I will continue this after I have had my graduation unregarded what kind of job I will get.

There are a few programs I mostly worked with to create media, manage operations, progress and contacts. I used Adobe Premiere for my one, two, three and four videos. As social media we used Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and our blog. We used Trello, Google Spreadsheet and Google Drive to organise and manage the internal communications task division and progress. For the creation of various multimedia outputs we used Canva. A very easy and handy tool to make quick and beautiful multimedia outputs like posters, enhance photos, make presentations and other expressions.

I have had so much fun and deep connections during this period with the team and the students. Lots of friends and new inspirations at DELITELABS. Thank you once again for this amazing time everyone at DELITELABS. You have really enriched my life!

– Bas

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