About me

Sebastian 3Hello there! 

My name is Bas.  I’m a Dutch guy with a lot of aspirations, interests and dreams. I plan to experience a lot in my life and at the moment I’m doing that at my internship in Amsterdam. Currently I’m also getting my driver’s licence, studying Spanish, do some reading and try to learn as much as possible from the people that I meet during seminars, lectures, parties, my internship, workshops and symposia. I work for an ngo called DELITELABS and on this site I actually have my work-in-progress thesis. In the coming months I’ll load this site with the findings on crowdfunding for my thesis, but will also be conducting some research for my own development. In this time I’ll make some articles and maybe even some movies on ways how I try to make my life progress. How I try to make it as awesome as it can be. How I exclude the bad habits from my life (for example smoking) and obtain the good ones (every day reading / auto indoctrinate myself).