DELITELABS is where I do my internship. We offer an intensive course for recent migrants and the local unemployed youth. The course gives an experience in entrepreneurship in a safe environment. Here people can discover whether owning your own business is something they want to do, something they have heart for, thereby is the communal language of the course English.

Delitelabs is all about doing, that’s what I’ve seen on the first day when I walked in. The course wasn’t even started so it evenly applies to the volunteers and in my case the intern. We have to find as much pieces of furniture we could find, as soon as possible… For free. In a week we got around 100 chairs, 50 desks, 20 lamps, an industrial coffeemachine and 35 whiteboards. I wouldn’t think it was possible, but we did it. It’s not always like that at DELITELABS, but it certainly is an inspiring place to work, even more when the first course started. The amount of cultures that were in one room was fun and interesting and the large group of entrepreneurs that make an appearance and share their knowledge and experiences is just exhilarating.

Really a pleasure to work for DELITELABS. Thank you for this opportunity Christof Hawle and Michaela Krömer!