Communications Plan DELITELABS


  •       Showing the positive effects of economic integration
  •       Creating a community
  •       Having a successful crowdfunding campaign
  •       Associate the brand with creativity, entrepreneurship, success values
  •       Disseminate no borders philosophy and equality values
  •       (HOW) Placing Delitelabs in the startup ecosystem 


  •       Smart educated refugees between 20 and 30
  •       Unemployed local people between 20 and 30
  •       Companies with a social department to fund initiatives
  •       People that are related with other initiatives involving tech, business and innovation


  •       Is easier to startup a business after the program
  •       Our program helps to develop economic integration
  •       Delitelabs is a professional education
  •       Delitelabs is a big step to develop yourself: professional and personal
  •       We want to empower people who don’t get much chances
  •       We tell personal stories


  •       Geographical Scope: Amsterdam, Nederland, Europe
  •       Tone: Smartass tone.
  •       Super smart responses in a super nice way.
  •       Open mentality to criticism. Questioning
  •       Suspense. People are exciting to know what’s next
  •       Resourceful. We get the things done
  •       Hands on and learning by doing



  • An event on the 29th of September where we will have a public lecture given by Founders 
  • The prototyping week at the University of Twente the 10th till the 14th of October
  • The final pitch event which will be on the 19th of October


  •       Web
  •       Blog
  •       Facebook
  •       Twitter
  •       Linkedin
  •       Instagram
  •       Youtube / Vimeo

It is important to standardise the visualisation of the different communication means. Although these may differ for each communication tool we use, in our case a set of social media platforms. Which are the following media outputs:

Web with basic information about the project. We need to show more the power of the organisation by the faces of the team and the board behind it.

The strategy of content marketing needs a good content generator. Blog categories:

  1. Successful stories
  2. Events review
  3. Diary
  4. Program (During the program 1 chronic everyday)

  •       Publish our own blog content
  •       Team strengths
  •       Good indicators
  •       Program explanations
  •       Another news and inspiring stories from other pages and blogs
  •       3 times/week: 1 picture and 2 blog posts (it could be one external content too)
  •       Alumni group. This is our community! We should share valuable content: job offers, events… We should have a extra person taking care of it and posting 3 times per week. (Adel?)

  • Gifs that show the problems that we are solving
  • We share the content of blog. Daily interactions with related profiles and persons in the themes innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and social initiatives.
  • 200 tweets explaining the program and the feelings that your have during the program #adayindelitelabs
  • 200 tweets #delitelabsisforyou explaning why you should apply.
  • At least one post a day


Meeting with the new Communications team

Since a few weeks we have a new team at DELITELABS. We have a couple of new members that can help us with setting up the course and everything else to help the organisation. Therefor there have been some interesting changes in the way we work.

The biggest influence on the team is now a woman from Valencia, Violeta Garin. She has done a many projects involving social entrepreneurship and is an expert in communication. We are very lucky to have her. Since she has so much experience in the area of communication we have set up a couple of new systems to work way more efficient.

Trello and Hootsuite


We have talked about things like Trello a activity managing tool, using Hootsuite only for Twitter, setting up a blog on our website and explaining how we can use the other social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). Because she does set up systems to work from everything works so much smoother and more efficient since she’s in our team. We even made a Communication plan to see what we want to convey, how we are going to do that, which media we should use and who our target audiences are.

My Role

We had two meetings about this, yesterday and today. We divided roles and responsibilities within our three-man-strong communications team. I’ll be responsible for the output in Twitter. This doesn’t mean I have to do the 200 posts all by myself or that I don’t have to take any other activities for my part. It means that it is my responsibility that it has to be done before the deadline. So if I need help or are having trouble with it I can rely also on the others.


We set a goal for ourselves for the different social media. For Twitter it is to post 200 posts in the coming 5 weeks. This means about 4 Twitter posts a day. 80% of the posts will be with one of the hastags that are created: #adayatdelitelabs, #delitelabsisforyou and #refugeestakeaction. The last one will only been used if it is a post about the collaboration between Delitelabs and the organisations that teamed up with us, like Refugee Startforce, Hack Your Future and Refugee Company for example.

Facebook & Blog

Facebook will be linked to the blog and will mostly contain the links to blogposts. We will do three Facebook posts per week that will be mostly out of our blog. The blogposts will contain success stories of our former students, posts on why we should be more entrepreneurial, a review like a diary every day, interviews with acquaintances of Delitelabs and the speakers of the week. The blog was an idea that Violeta came up with. She used it already in one of the projects that she did in Valencia and that was pretty successful. Especially the interviews that she did for the blog where by far the most effective in terms of reach and involvement. Here is her blog.


On Instagram we are going to do two things. Post beautiful pictures that we made in, around or with the people of Delitelabs and we want to do a quote with that. At least one post per day. The advice Violeta gave us was that Instagram was about making the most beautiful pictures possible. This means we have to be very selective of the pictures we will post on this medium.


LinkedIn is probably the most serious of the Social Networks that we will use. The output on this medium is at its minimum. We will only post something here if we really have a great article on our blog or found one on the web that is really helpful or interesting to the crowd that we have on LinkedIn. At the most we shall post 2 articles a week.


There is a new wind in the company. An actual communications team is put together. Jana, me and Violeta are part of it. We all have our own roles within this team. I’ll be responsible for the output provided on Twitter. Second, we are going to use Trello. This is a management tool that will help us with internal communications. In the following post, this one, I’ll show you how a communications plan looks like.

Second talk with my substantive supervisor

Today I had a talk with my supervisor about my proceedings, followups and the concretisation of my Plan of Attack. The new PVA was posted on the 20th of June. Remarks from the last time were about the subquestions that were not well enough defined. Today when we were talking about it. It seems I need to change the main question due to changes made in the substructure of the subquestions. I need to think more about the concrete idea what I want with my main question, which can be for example: Creation of a crowdfunding campaign toolbox / Campaign movie about the course of your research and implementation.

The main question was to large

Moreover the research I’ve done so far which leads me to believe that the implementation of my findings will be way to much work for one person to do on his own. There are whole teams implemented to work on crowdfunding campaigns from what I’ve seen, heard and read so far.

When is my thesis a success?

Another thing is the success. When do I think that my thesis is a success? So in other words, how will I define that success? So that I know when I have reached it. Another question to ponder would be: What is our message? That’s indeed exactly what we have to figure out. One sentence or a few words that define our mission as a company. So that we can use that message as a tool to filter out actions that we need to take or not.

Conclusion and my follow ups

Two places where I can look for answers are Experts and having interviews with them. Which I’m currently pretty busy with, next week I’ll be speaking with a crowdfunding professional and a online marketing professional to see if I can learn something from them or to see if they have any suggestions on how to move forward with my endeavours. Also take a look at the competition how they do it. Take notes. This last one, I had not thought of yet, so this one I could pretty much benefit from. Food for thought!

– Bas

Wednesday 15 feedback on PVA

Wednesday I received the feedback from Mark Boerrigter for the first draft of the PVA. He and Eric Kramer discussed this and combined their notes which mark exchanged with me. There were two main parts of feedback that needed to be revised.

The two main points of feedback

First was a better described review of why we need a crowdfunding campagne and not some other product that could maybe suffice the needs that the organisation has. It was not clear in my PVA why it was necessary to have a crowdfunding campagne instead of a marketing campagne or a better way of funding. The reason why a crowdfunding is the ultimate solution is not yet been transpired.

Secondly the methodology has to be better. Meaning that the explanation on how to answer the subquestions lack a sense of concreteness. Questions to ponder to make the methodology better could be: When are these questions actually answered? Why are these questions important to answer? How exactly are they going to be answered?


These two aspects will be worked out in the course of the next few days. The deadline I set for myself is the 20th of June. Then I will send Mark and Eric the link to my website, so they can review it for further inspection and feedback. Alongside this I will also work further on some basic things I can do for the crowdfunding campaign, like how to go about social media and further followups on the movie that will be made for our crowdfunding campaign.