I have met many people during this time and learned a lot from them. Within this page I will go over the recommendations that I have for DELITELABS, what can be improved upon. These are the subjects I would like to touch upon:

  • Target audience: how to go from here?
  • A more structured social media output
  • Our business model: Where does our money comes from?
  • google drive and internal communications

Target audience

This was and still is one of the biggest problems within DELITELABS. We do not have a clear view of who our target audience is. We know the people we try to help and provide a course for. But when you look at the institutions and people we get our money from, we have a very vague idea on who they are, where we can find them and therefor have no clue how to approach this audience. We didn’t came any further than the description: “people who sympathise with our cause”.

When we would have a specifically described target audience it would be so much easier to know how to do all these things. We had contact with a prestigious marketing firm that said they should help us out, but they didn’t keep their word. Otherwise we could have negotiated and taken advice from a team of professionals that could probably help us out in the search for our ideal target user.

A more structured social media output

I have to be honest. We have made a lot of progress, especially in our outward communication. We have been posting so much more and really started to build a community, digitally as well as in real life, around our great venture and cause. But the structure is still a bit missing. We are just posting, but on the moment of creation we also post it. We could do so much better than we now already do. From the people I’ve spoken and the people that I follow on social media and have subscribed to newsletters of them(Ramit Sethi, Gary Vaynerchuck and Simon Sinek) have so many wise words to say when it comes to building a community or a crowd.

Guest posting

Maybe at the moment we have too little workforce to actually do this, but to create crowd and more traffic on your own media you can create guest posts for larger blogs than your own. And at this point that’s almost any other blog. When you do this you create a higher SEO value and moreover because you’ve kindly provided the competitors blog with content, you attract also traffic to our own site via the competitors website. Another cool thing here we vaguely touched upon in a previous post is a sales technique. Reciprocity. If you give something the likelyhood of you getting something in return will go up.

Structured messaging

Now I got the feeling that we produce content on a daily basis. Some of which we can use on a later date, but we do little to nothing to do the preparations that need to be made to have a lot of content at the ready if we want to do a PR stunt or to just have some content on the side to implement when we are busy with other activities. It’s not so strange that we have not have the momentum, we’ve just started out, but I think that implementing this idea could be very beneficial for the efficiency that we now still lack.

Social media feedback

I’ve used feedback like Facebook Insights as a tool to see how we can best go about messaging. But like the communications plan we set up just before the last course, we still have much to learn in maintaining this way of working. We have to keep learning from our activities on social media, even more because this is a realm that changes in such rapid spurts that it is already hard to keep up. When we keep doing this I’m convinced that we can create a much greater community. This community can provide us with new students, new guest speakers, volunteers and can even be a driving force to show institutions and municipalities what our social impact really is.


Our business model: Where does our money come from?

This is another pain in the ass. And I think everyone on the DELITELABS team will concur on this. What is our specific business model. We sort of have ran without one, or at least without one that specifically says where our money SHOULD come from. We now apply for applications at other foundations and municipalities to lend us money, but this looks more like charity than an actual business model to me. Then again, I’m far from an expert. Though, I did talk to many people, including members of the DELITELABS team about this problem and most of them agree that this is a problem we need to tackle sooner rather than later.

Google Drive and internal Communications

From the time I was at DELITELABS we have been using a shared Google Drive. Here you can find all the documents that we have made in the time our NGO exists. It contains files of presentations, contacts, communications, courses, etc.. In other words everything we produced digitally and needed to save up. From the very beginning that I started working at DELITELABS this was just chaos. Many things were archived in wrong places, some of the folders unnecessary or filled with documents we didn’t need anymore. There is little to no overview in this except maybe for the people that have created it. Our team and volunteers have changed over the period that I have done my internship at DELITELABS and I assume that it will continue to do so. I would recommend to clean up the chaos and only leave a well structured Google drive in which even a newly recruited person can find his way in. This would be a mayor help in finding documents and not waisting time doing this.

Another thing is also the photos and videos we make for our social media output. We make a whole lot of content with the camera of our phones and can share them on google drive to one folder. I think it would be very wise to create a system for this. A system to save these pictures and videos so that they can be easily found, i.e. by name and date. Especially since the amount of work we have put into outward communications has more than doubled in the last couple of months. If we can streamline these actions by working with efficient systems we have a lot more time to actually spend on the actual work in stead of the border activities.