Wednesday 15 feedback on PVA

Wednesday I received the feedback from Mark Boerrigter for the first draft of the PVA. He and Eric Kramer discussed this and combined their notes which mark exchanged with me. There were two main parts of feedback that needed to be revised.

The two main points of feedback

First was a better described review of why we need a crowdfunding campagne and not some other product that could maybe suffice the needs that the organisation has. It was not clear in my PVA why it was necessary to have a crowdfunding campagne instead of a marketing campagne or a better way of funding. The reason why a crowdfunding is the ultimate solution is not yet been transpired.

Secondly the methodology has to be better. Meaning that the explanation on how to answer the subquestions lack a sense of concreteness. Questions to ponder to make the methodology better could be: When are these questions actually answered? Why are these questions important to answer? How exactly are they going to be answered?


These two aspects will be worked out in the course of the next few days. The deadline I set for myself is the 20th of June. Then I will send Mark and Eric the link to my website, so they can review it for further inspection and feedback. Alongside this I will also work further on some basic things I can do for the crowdfunding campaign, like how to go about social media and further followups on the movie that will be made for our crowdfunding campaign.